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The Departed Prince of Argentina: In Remembrance of Emiliano Sala.

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“New Sala is coming,” the world was elated when he scored 13 goals and had 2 assists for the French club Nantes in 21 games, including a hat trick against Tourlos.

Sala, from a middle-class family born in Argentina, had a sister and a brother. The 28-year-old boy, with 42 goals, became the top goal scorer for 3 years, which earned him a contract with Cardiff City.

But the prince of Argentina is no more. On January 19, 2019, after completing his medical check-up, he returned to France to take his belongings and see his loved ones before training at Cardiff. However, his return to England for the first training at Cardiff was doomed. Yes, he is no more. His last message to friends was:

“Hello, my brother, I’m tired. I’m in Nantes and the plane feels like it’s falling apart. I’m going to Cardiff. It’s crazy, we start tomorrow. Training in the afternoon, guys, in my new team. Let’s see what happens. So, how’s it going with you guys? All good? If in an hour and a half, you have no news from me, I don’t know if they’ll send someone to look for me because they can’t find me, but you will know. Man, I’m scared!”

Guernsey police searched for 3 days using many lifeboats and helicopters. They even announced a worldwide search. On January 28, they announced an underwater search, and on January 30, the (AAIB) reported that they had found the crashed part of the aircraft, which seemed to be from the missing aircraft.

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