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From the middle of bullet shots to magician of Madrid

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Despite the fearing sounds of bullets and broken walls he ran to net the goals.The love of football forced the magician of Madrid to make the bounce from Dinamo Zagreb to Real Madrid. In the 2005-2006 season, he signed a 10-year contract with Dinamo Zagreb, but struggled to find his hold with the team, only managing to net 39 goals and provide 21 assists in four leagues.

In 2018 he achieved the ballon d’or, marking his position as the world’s best player. In the same year he lead his national team to victory in the semifinals in extra time against England. Where his remarkable skills and talents shone on the international stage leaving a lasting impression on football enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2008, he agreed to sign the Tottenham Hotspur premier league club .A move that could shape his football career .He helped the team to lead their first UEFA Champions league Victory. Marking his historic moments in the clubs history

After joining Real Madrid on 2012 ,he won his first trophy against Barcelona in super copa de espana, but still he faces numerous critics and struggles. But he has a special place in the hearts of madridistas with his outstanding performance in the pitch.

Born in Zadar, Croatia, he spent his early life with his paternal grandfather. However, unlike many others, his childhood was coverd by the horrors of war. In 1991, he found himself in the midst of the Croatian War of Independence, a conflict that would take the life of his beloved grandfather. Despite the bullets that flew overhead, he found happiness in playing football in the parking areas of local hotels.

Today he stand as a true legend of the sport a shinning example of what can be achieved through hardwork in times of hardships

Luca modric said when moving to Real Madrid “”I spent four great years there with a lot of emotions, with a lot of love from the club and the fans. I enjoyed every moment with Tottenham. But in one moment you feel you need to take a step forward, to go to a higher level. I think it was the right time for me to go, but I will always be thankful to Tottenham for everything they did for me. I became a better player there and they pushed me to this level where I am at the moment.”

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