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Man city On The Edge Of A Treble

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Manchester City, the defending champions of the Premier League, is in the run for the hat-trick premier league. Gunners have been dominating the table since the onset of the season. But, after finishes of 36 games by almost every team, the Pep side has secured a clear four points lead over Arsenal, which is significant. while there are only three games left in the season for the Blue side of Manchester and just two more for the Gunners.

Chelsea, Brighton, and Brentford are the three perennial opposite sides in the domestic league. None among these could be a threat to a biggie like in Form City’s title run. But, it is unpredictable indeed. But, City could easily go for a win from these three matches and make their treble dreams alive. City reached the table top only after a point drop from Arteta’s side, which was unforeseen. With the 3-0 loss of Arsenal with Brighton on Sunday, City moved further towards the title. After a 3-0 win over Everton at Goodison Park two more wins were required to keep up the title. But the distance was reduced to a single win after only three hours

It was a photo finish in the last season. The Setback for Arsenal became inevitable with their three consecutive draws against Liverpool,
Westham, and Southampton with only three points instead of an expected at least two wins by the fans. Their loss against Brighton was also unexpected to an extent—the last nail in the coffin of 19 years of waiting for a fourth premier league trophy. The table favoured Gunners until their constant point drops happened recently. Arsenal against City was one of the most anticipated matches of the season. With a 4-1 victory and clear dominance in the field, City declared they were not ready to give up the title race.

The top in-form players, including Erling Haaland, Kevin De Brruyne, Jack Grealish, Ruben Dias and the manager Pep Guardiola, are the chief catalyst for the Citizens. The city is also in a run for the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. The football world is looking for the Manchester derby to proclaim the FA Cup winners. City secured a draw in the UCL after a magnificent goal from Kevin Debruyne, which equalized the score at Santiago Bernabeu. The second leg will be held at Etihad. This one could be a spring at Ethihad, a spring for Citizens all over the globe. At the edges of three trophies, City is approaching a third consecutive premier league trophy. A hat-trick domestic trophy win will add a golden feather to Manchester City’s hat

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