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Zidane’s Real Seal Entertaining El Clásico against Koaman’s Barcelona


The La Liga Clasico played for the first time in history without a live in-stadium audience, ebbed FC Barcelona away with a 3-1 defeat in their home in Nou Camp, Real Madrid vying the chart with lead. Koeman’s squad’s first Clásico match with a 4-3-2-1 line-up worked no magic against Los Blancos earlier today. 

Ramos and Modric finished it off in a 3-1 clear win, the first half bolted by Valverde at 5′ with an opener which was equalised by Ansu Fati at 8′. The extraordinary match stayed tight in the first half but Zizou’s boys were seen pressing Barca in the second half, leaving it only if for counter-attacks.

Ansu Fati, the young and versatile player, marked his presence with back-to-back attacks but did not find the target.  Coutinho was clearly seen struggling on the position in today’s match, with Dest, Pique, Alba and Busquets trying to guard well, while Messi lost at some crucial junctures.

Marching at Camp Nou with consecutive defeats from Cadiz and Shakhtar, Real Madrid started off with an equaling match but soon reigned control over the next decisive minutes. With Benzema succeeding in the front with Casemiro and Valverde, the tasks for Koeman’s defence was seen to be hectic.

The VAR decision in favour of Real Madrid as Lenglet helped himself over Ramos’s shirt and the latter hurling himself over the ground way too exaggerated, resulted in a penalty which was scored on contrary to Barcelona’s confidence. The denied penalty appeal against Verane in the last minutes, clearly raged Koeman: “The Penalty was incomprehensible, we have had no VAR decisions in favour of us.” he said. 

FC Barcelona on Wednesday shall face Juventus in the group stage match of Champions League, while on Tuesday Borussia Mönchengladbach shall face Real Madrid.

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