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‘We care, do you?’-Arsenal supporters write scathing letter to club owner Stan Kroenke

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In an unprecedented move, sixteen prominent Arsenal supporters’ groups, fanzines and bloggers have signed a letter calling on owner Stan Kroenke to “reinvigorate” the Premier League club.

The two page letter allege that the American sports magnate is using the North London club as an investment vehicle rather than investing to grow it.

“Arsenal is at a crossroads. Things need to change,” the letter adds.

Under a heading of ‘#WeCareDoYou’, a hashtag which has been trending across the social media, the letter criticised the imbalance of the Arsenal board, “soulless” atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium and a lack of transfer strategy.

A club once famed as “the Bank of England Club”, for Double-winners and Invincibles are now “at a cross-roads”, the supporters wrote in a scathing letter to the club.

Arsenal fans and faithfuls took onto social media to spread the message as Gunners are on their pre seas tour in United States ahead of the Premier League opening in August.

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