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‘Disgrace is the word’- Pique calls for changes at ‘humiliated’ Barca


Gerard Pique gave an honest reflection on Barcelona’s humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

The 33-year-old defender, who has won 20 major titles over 12 years with the club, added that he would be “the first to leave” if the club wished it.

The Catalans again fell short at the quarter final stage as they added to their list of humbling exits in Europe from recent times.

“It was a horrible game,” Pique said at full time.

“It’s a disaster.

“Disgrace is the word.

“You can’t compete like that.

“It’s not the first, second or third time this has happened to us.

“It’s very tough, very tough, and I hope something [good] comes out of this.

“We all need to reflect.

“The club needs changes. I’m not talking about the coach or the players.

“I don’t want to single out anybody, the team structurally.

“The club needs changes of all kinds because it’s not the first time this has happened to us, nor the second or third.

“No one is indispensable.

“I’m the first person to step forward.

“If new blood has to come in and the dynamic [has to] change, I’ll be the first person to leave because I think we’ve hit rock bottom.

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