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Haaland’s last-minute finish saves Man City

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An exhilarating match between city and fulham at Etihad Stadium on Saturday, it’s a victory over fulham 2-1, and significant pressure on arsenal again.

A late penalty added the score by Erling Haaland and made Manchester City top of the premier league, even though missing the last two games cause of injury the legend is on his back with full power.

It was drizzling in Manchester until the 16th minute when Alvarez put the goal in his third premier league, even though the start was rigorous. The city was disturbed and out of control when cancelo set out for the red card when he forced down Wilson on his way to the goal.

Julian Alvarez scores a stunner to put city in front (image: the telegraph)

In the 29th minute, fulham took it, it was a goal over a penalty from Andreas Pereira after cancelo’s red card the goal activated fulham, and the ball bounced between them. And on 45th-minute Grealish tried and ran to the box, he couldn’t make a goal.

After the first half, the ball rounds through the legs of fulham and the pressure over the city. The crowd were restless and cheering, the match seems to finish 1-1, but it was a goal in 2nd half of the match from Haaland,
the encounter between Antonee Robbinson and De Bruyne is an upshot to penalty.

Haaland’s goal in injury time saved the city from a draw (image courtesy: the telegraph)

And this resulted in Manchester city being a place above Arsenal in the premier league and the 18th goal of the season for Haaland. And in the last added five minutes Haaland told Sky Sports: “It’s fantastic. I was nervous [about the penalty]. It was one of the most nervous moments of my life, but fantastic. A penalty at the last minute, of course, I would be nervous. But it’s an amazing feeling.

“I love it. I have been injured for a week, and winning is really important.”


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