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Messi’s napkin contract : the fateful encounter at a young age

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In 2000, when Lionel Messi was just 13 years old ,Carles Rexach Barçalona’s  director impressed by young Leo’s extraordinary skills and he decided to bring the exceptional talent to the Catalonian city.

Leo Messi
But Messi’s young age and financial constrains is a challenging question in his head, Rexach break the barrier and found the answers to this question in a meeting with Messi and his Father.The greatest life changing decision begins here, they three (Rexach, Messi, and Messi’s father Jorge Messi) sat on a table, they have to face and fill many paper, but they didn’t have access to proper paper work, they took a napkin and wrote his agreement, which includes salary ,duration and other relavant details
Lionel Messi started his pleasing journey through Barcelona’s youth academy LA masia , and on 2004 he made his debut to Barcelona s first team when he was 17. The inception of a football legend and of a golden era.

Since the original napkin contract was not publicly available, but reported and celebrated around the world

Lionel Messi
An effortless start of Messis career to the world records, trophies and of a high perch.

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