Sergio Aguero: A Tribute

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On that evening in May 2012, I turned on the TV to watch the final matchday of the premier league. My sister was sitting beside me as we were covering our new books with brown paper, getting ready for a new academic year in June.

Soon, Subairka an ardent United supporter came over and insisted me to watch Man United v Sunderland. But he was constantly flipping over channels to see the scoreline of Man city vs QPR. He was tensed and anxious. Me, who supported neither team was also anxious because I wanted Subairka’s team to lose just to make fun of him.

It was the final day, the blue and the red side of Manchester were tied on 86 points while city was edging ahead on goal difference. So, it all came to that final day. It was plain for Man city, just win the game. But for United, a winless city besides their own victory is essential.

Everything was going fine for United. A Wayne Rooney goal edged them towards victory. Meanwhile, city was trailing behind QPR at 2-1. Subairka jumped and cheered as United were heading towards another title under their infamous manager Ferguson. The final whistle of both the games was about to blow. We were, constantly changing channels eventhough we knew it’s all over for City.

In the 92nd Minute, Dzeko equalized for City with a header. But it didn’t matter for United as a draw won’t save city. A minute later, the final whistle blew at Sunderland. United won, the players, the coach the fans and Subairka was cheering. I changed the channel to City game. At minute 93, Aguero, ran towards the box, passed the ball to Ballotelli, he then returned the ball to him. After dribbling past a defender with a fake shot, he drilled a low drive with his right foot.

The commentator shouted “Agueroooooooo…………….I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again. So watch it, drink it in……”

Yes, Manchester City won their first premier league title. Subairka was stunned, I started cheering with joy, so were all the City players and coaches, so were the fans in the stadium. The blue moon was indeed risen.

Looking back from 2021, after all the success City have had in terms of trophies since that day, one can argue that their success was inevitable because of their rich financial source. But it was Aguero, their greatest goal scorer who inaugurated their success. It was Aguero who opened up a portal towards new era for city and the premier league in the past decade. It was Aguero who empowered their fans to shout “Manchester is Blue”.

Today, an untimely heart disorder has forced him to retire from football. F C Barcelona, his new club announced the news. It is a heartbreaking situation for him, his family and of course for all the Football fans. Even the fans of United like Subairka would also be sad even though he was their biggest rival. This case is just like the unpredictable nature of football, we never know what will happen next. But, the annals of football will never forget that Manchester City team, Minute 93:20 and Sergio Aguero, one of the greatest strikers of the game.