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Richarlison with a Brace: Brazil Beat Serbia in the Opener

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Richarlison scored twice in the second half, outliving the crisp resistance from Serbia in a high-spirited match at Lusail stadium. Brazil failed to break the defence of Serbia until the 62nd minute. Richarlison scored from Vinicius jr’s follow-up after Serbian keeper Vanja Milinković-Savić saved the first-time attempt.

Vinicius jr was involved in both goals. Brazil had hit the post multiple times during the match, while Vanja Milinković-Savić had also made some incredible saves before Brazil turned up the heat in the second half.

Vanja Milinković-Savić hold out against Brazil but couldn’t save Serbia in their opener (Image: The Sun)

Brazil’s quest for a sixth world cup title is off to a perfect start in a 2-0 win over Serbia to go on to the top in Group G. Brazil’s gameplay was much hailed and cherished by the football fans that they danced back to stage Joga bonito show. Richarlison’s second goal was a “cherry on the top,” receiving a near cross from Vini, Richarlison directed the ball into the left corner of the net with an acrobatic overhead kick.

Richarlison scores a stunner in the second half to double the lead for Brazil (Image:

It can be, as analysts say, the goal of the tournament. With the opener triumph, Brazil kick-starts their campaign with full hope.

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