What If It Was All Staged

In 1984, a formal investigation was conducted into the WWE and an investigative reporter flat out said ‘It was fake’. The confirmation brought out so many explanations to many of the different matches that were ‘Unbelievable’

Football itself hasn’t lacked it fair share of inhuman or inexplainable occurrences. So, I ask, what if it is all planned? There’s no doubt that it is in fact possible. So many cases of match fixing have come out in the past the most common being the Calciopoli incident that spelled relegation for Juventus and stripped them of their titles. So, what if the whole football world was guilty of this under mutual agreement?

No doubt, this would shake the worldview of many, but would also explain a few things. For one, the winners curse in the World Cup. In the past three World Cup competitions, each winner crashed out in the group stage of the next. It’s something that has just consistently happened and no explanation really fits this happening. So, match fixing would actually clear this up.

Not to mention, Lionel Messi’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal scoring records. Their numbers are inhuman and unbelievable at best. Each of them having over 700 goals and 200 assists and none of them look like stopping any time soon. That is insane and wouldn’t look plausible to a non-football fan.

Over the years there have been so many unexplainable occurrences on the football pitch, whether a penalty given that clearly was not one, a red card missed or even very bad defending you wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t staged. But if this happened it would change everything. Football is the most widespread entertainment vessel. It’s the language we all speak so imagine if it was all a lie?

The latest premier league season is nothing short of inexplainable. With the record for goals being elapsed in game week 2 as well the record for handball penalties by game week 5 with the tally at 6 at the moment. Granted this can be attributed to the new rules and introduction of VAR which has stirred mixed emotions among the football faithful.

But, even apart from that they’ve been some shocking results and score lines that even you would say had to have been staged. I have to begin with the Brighton game in Game week 3 where the home side hit the cross bar 6 times and even after equalizing in the last minute managed to concede a penalty moments later at the other end. Anyone with two sets of eyes could see that they clearly deserved to win that game and even by a large margin but just couldn’t.

So, too, the game at the Etihad, when Manchester City conceded 2 penalties in the exact same way and a further one culminating in a 5-2 loss. It just was unbelievable how bad the defending was so much that you could say it wasn’t real.

Or even the Chelsea game. Where Chelsea showcased their new CB at the Hawthorns just for him to give away a goal and be part of a back 4 that conceded three goals in the first half to one of the worst teams in the division. You could say it was all written.

But for all these incidents that just look staged there have been some things that just can’t be written. For example, The Roberto Carlos goal that absolutely defied Physics. Or even Beckham’s crosses that used to bend absolutely perfectly. Or even something as simple as the Aguero goal in 2012 that secured City’s first title. They may be written but in the stars. No normal human being can script somethings to perfection that way.


In truth, we’ll never be sure that it’s not staged at all. But with the things we witness of a weekly basis, it’s hard to think so. Therefore, we enjoy every piece of this unpredictable game.