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Raul Gonzalez: center of attraction to the Youth League Final


Raul Gonzalez is the focus of a lot of the attention in Nyon as the UEFA Youth League finals take place today evening.

The three-time Champions League winner is in charge of the Real Madrid side competing in the tournament.

The former forward will be looking to follow in the footsteps of Mario Silva, who guided Porto to Youth League glory last season.

Raúl had this to say about the match: ” We’re very excited. We have to prepare well for this final, the first in the club’s history. We have to enjoy the experience of playing in a final against a great team like Benfica. The two best teams in the competition have made it to the final”.

“We have to be calm and be clear about what we have to do tomorrow to get the win and keep working in the same line so that the fans see a team that knows how to attack, defend and stay true to our identity. It’s a valuable experience for all of us. We feel the support from the fans from all corners and hopefully we can give them something to celebrate. The team is going to give everything, which is the goal in every game”.

Antonio Blanco, Real Madrid midfielder says, “It will be the first time that I play in a Youth League final, and the pressure is always there. It’s an important competition because we have been working hard all season for this. We all know that [coach] Raúl [González] has played in some big European matches, so who better to help us prepare for such a big match and to keep us focused on the game. There is no one better than him to help us.”

A new name will go on the Lennart Johansson Trophy today, when Benfica take on Real Madrid in the UEFA Youth League final in Nyon.

The usual four-team April finals in Nyon were postponed to become a ten-team August tournament and this will be Madrid’s fourth game at the Colovray Stadium, starting with their delayed round of 16 encounter against Juventus. On Saturday, Madrid won a semi-final at the fourth attempt while Benfica are in their third decider. The Eagles lost their two previous finals, coincidentally after beating Madrid in the 2014 and 2017 semis.

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