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AC Milan- A dynasty back on the rise

Tommy Vercetti is a cool guy. He owns the entire Vice City. He can beat an old man to a pulp, and no one will bat an eyelid. If the police are stupid enough to object, the man could conjure a freaking military tank from thin air and blow…

Sandro Tonali getting close to AC Milan

Milan are insisting on signing Sandro Tonali, who is destined to leave Brescia this summer as they were relegated to Serie B. With Paolo Maldini in the front line, the Rossoneri are now getting closer, a report claims.  As reported by

Pepe Reina set to join Lazio from AC Milan

AC Milan goalkeeper Pepe Reina has now joined Lazio. He seemed interested to return to his homeland Spain and was on the verge of joining Valencia but he became frustrated with the lack of progress with Valencia. So he has now decided to