Arsenal fans launch petition campaign to bring back Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil’s forced disappearance from football has forced Arsenal fans to start an online petition campaign to bring back him to the club’s first team squad.

A group of supporters who call themselves as concerned Arsenal fans have taken to the popular campaign website to demand the English club include the German in the Premier League and Europa League squad.

The petition addressed to the Arsenal Football Club, manager Mikel Arteta and others in the club hierarchy share their disappointment and concerns with the way Ozil is treated.

Ozil who expressed his willingness to come back to the squad is currently being ostracized by Arsenal for his bold stands on a range of issues.

The Petition in full

We as concerned Arsenal fans would like to see long time servant of the club Mesut Ozil registered to play in the Premier League and the Europa League this season..

Prior to the Covid 19 crisis, Mesut was a regular starter for Arsenal. However, since football has restarted he has not played a single minute and now has not made the substitute’s bench so far this season.

He was recently left out of Arsenal’s Europa League squad for the group stages which means he will not be eligible to play in that stage of the competition.

We fear that the club may do the same for the Premier League squad and we will not get to see him play this season.

We feel this would be deeply sad.
Mesut has played for the club for seven years, played 254 games, scored 44 goals and assisted 77 times.

He has helped us win 4 FA cups and is extremely popular with fans with a social media following of 78 million people.

He is involved in many charity projects around the world and is responsible for bringing in countless new Arsenal fans to the club.

It has been speculated that non footballing issues are affecting his selection.

These include-

His questioning of a proposed 12.5% pay cut for the players.

His weekly wage and possible appearance bonuses.

His statement in solidarity with the Uighur Muslims in China.

We deeply hope that this is not the case and we ask Arsenal football club to reinstate Mesut Ozil back into the first team squad so fans can watch him play during the final year of his contract.


Concerned Arsenal fans.