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Who is Fabrizio Romano? Facts About the Journalist With a Tagline “Here we go”


Fabrizio Romano is an Italian journalist who works for, among others, Sky Sport, and specialises in football transfers.

He is one of the most trusted football transfer related pundits in the world and especially on Twitter. It is highly unlikely that a tweet of a breaking transfer made by him has gone on to be proved wrong.

His trademark quote ‘Here we go’ is a favourite among fans on Twitter and he is continuously flooded by fans with regards to transfer news and updates regarding their favourite teams.

So what makes Fabrizio Romano special and stand out from the crowd?

Well, for one, this guy is not someone who will post a rumour and leave it, he will engage with fans on the platform and will tell them what they want to know more apart from just the general news that he breaks. Go on, try tweeting something to Fabrizio regarding your question on a transfer rumour and we are pretty sure he will reply to you.

Apart from his open and friendly engagement with fans, here are 10 facts you need to know about Fabrizio Romano!

1) Fabrizio Romano is the most trusted journalist among football fans in the world.

2) His salary has not been confirmed and his net worth is still not known.

3) No wikipedia pages are available for this journalist who has a made a name for him by breaking transfers on twitter.

4) We can find Romano on Twitter and Instagram.

5) Currently, he has been providing his services for Sky Sports where he is mostly concerned with handing transfer news to fans.

6) Fabrizio is an Italian who was born in Milan, Italy and he has been working from there till date.

7) Romano has been also associated with mega sports media brands like The Guardian, where he worked as a reporter.

8) He is very active on all social media platforms, but majorly on Twitter and Instagram.


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